Found on his head

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Found on his head
Autumn was, was cold, birds stopped pecking ... somehow I'm going home. Standard look down, because downstairs at this time of year, anything can lie, and once again wash jackboots lazily. Humor is consistent with seasonal and communal realities of our Gryazburga. see - lying in a pool for a small, dirty, trembling. Foot moved - like chick even alive, though on the verge. I'm actually not a compassionate man and the death of every creature'm just - natural selection ...

But then I do not know, which was. From himself did not expect. Picked up and brought home. Head thought that die becauseknow - fell out of the nest almost never survive, and the feeding of - a wild hemorrhoids. In short - the goal justifies the means.But it's done, accepted responsibility and now it's just throw the body, which is warmed by the heat of my hands - is to betray.Such is the moral and ethical popandos. 

The most absurd and bizarre sculptures
Human imagination knows no boundaries. Direct evidence of this is the selection of the most absurd, bizarre and funny monuments around the world whose meaning is sometimes very difficult to explain. Statues-protests and the most daring design experiments look further.

1. The man who could walk through walls, Paris, France

Creators are not, they are born
Did you know that yesterday was celebrated around the world probably one of the most important features in any family - Universal Children's Day. As is well known childhood most creative time in anyone's life and it is not limited to simple drawings on paper. Anything goes: walls, furniture, father's important papers, but admit it's nothing compared to the joy brought by your child.

The quietest room in the world
It is said that silence is gold. But in the U.S. there is a room in which is so quiet that to be in it for a long time is simply impossible. People can survive in the "anechoic" room a maximum of 45 minutes.

This room is capable of absorbing the sounds of 99.99% and is included in the Guinness Book of Records as the quietest place in the world. If you're too long in it, then you may even be hallucinating.

Rare animals, plants and insects from Suriname
A team of scientists from the International Society for Nature Conservation went in search of rare and unknown species of animals, insects and plants in Suriname - a country on the northeast coast of South America. During the expedition, studied the 1,378 species in the mountain areas, including 60 species that were previously unknown. Let's take a closer look at the varied wildlife of the beautiful places.

Tree frog (Hypsiboas geographicus) climbs a branch in a forest near the mountain Kasikasima.

Contemporary eco-friendly home in the woods
"Prehistoric dwelling" - an architectural project to develop student and interior designer Conrad Voichick, which seeks to create a home in the forest without disturbing the natural beauty of nature.

Voichick detailed presentation of the project highlights the benefits of his project, but also shows a detailed architectural plan of each home for 2 to 4 people.

Interesting facts from around the world
Do you know how far a person takes in his life, or how many people have managed to get gold in all my life? These and other cognitive facts you will see under the cut.

During his lifetime, the average person takes such a distance, as if he had rounded the equator five times.