Contemporary eco-friendly home in the woods
"Prehistoric dwelling" - an architectural project to develop student and interior designer Conrad Voichick, which seeks to create a home in the forest without disturbing the natural beauty of nature.

Voichick detailed presentation of the project highlights the benefits of his project, but also shows a detailed architectural plan of each home for 2 to 4 people.
Conrad served as the inspiration for the "functionality and structure of ordinary wood." "I had an idea to create a completely self-contained facility, after I learned the basic features of the trees," says the architect. He recalls that the trees are the goal, not the means for this project ("for most of the animals the trees serve as a natural shelter from predators and the vagaries of the weather"), and that deforestation threatens the world from both an environmental and a climatic point of view.
Initially the aim was to build a house without harm to the environment. The already difficult task has become even more complicated after the decision was made not to use concrete or other common type of material as the core. The only possible solution was to use a wooden structure that could withstand the force of the wind and gravity.
The ultimate goal of this project is the creation of a group of similar houses in a natural environment in order to avoid mass deforestation and causing the least possible harm to the environment.