The most absurd and bizarre sculptures
Human imagination knows no boundaries. Direct evidence of this is the selection of the most absurd, bizarre and funny monuments around the world whose meaning is sometimes very difficult to explain. Statues-protests and the most daring design experiments look further.

1. The man who could walk through walls, Paris, France
8-meter sculpture of "The Wanderer" made up of several hundred metal letters. Antibes, Cote d'Azur, France
Monument to Franz Kafka, Prague, Czech Republic
Floralis Henerika, huge flower inelegantly dimensions: its height - 23 m, weight - 18 tons. Buenos Aires, Argentina
5. 4-meter marble fist with a raised middle finger facing the financial vorotilam. Milan, Italy
6. The main part of the monument to Sibelius - 600 is fused together powerful metal pipes through which the wind hums plaintively. It is believed that these sounds resemble music composer and unusual design is similar to the body. Helsinki, Finland
7. Author Charles La Trobe monument decided to demonstrate how pointless can be exalting public figures to the podium.Because he placed a statue head. Melbourne, Australia
Svinoutka Posankka is a hybrid of marzipan pigs (possu) and rubber ducky (ankka). Turku, Finland
In creating "Spoons taste", was attended not only by professional architects and blacksmiths, but also all those who brought with him to the fair spoon. Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
  Monument to the winner - it's a bronze trim young man, who for reasons of morals removed far away and where higher, namely the observation deck of the fortress in Kalemegdane. Belgrade, Serbia
Glittering lights, tree lights symbolizes the stormy life of the metropolis and cheers of pedestrians and passing motorists.London, United Kingdom
This is not just a hanging man, and Sigmund Freud. Prague, Czech Republic
Man hugging fish, Chicago, USA
Sculpture "Wedding rings", Vancouver, Canada
Statue of Liberation through Christ, Memphis, USA
Gigantic arm that sticks out of the sand in the Atacama Desert. Antofagasta, Chile
Giant fork has a height of ten and a half meters and is made of stainless steel. Springfield, USA
Broken Chair Monument seems to remind that the aggression against UN staff may turn not the best way, and calls for diplomatic relations. Geneva, Switzerland
Sculpture hanging white rhino. Potsdam, Germany
Giant fly on a pin, Leuven, Belgium
Sculpture "The smell of durian", Hanoi, Vietnam
Headington Shark symbolizes the fury of nuclear energy, which, according to the creator predator Bill Heine, only harms humanity. Oxford, United Kingdom
Art installation Carhenge - it's almost Stonehenge, only machines. Allayyans, USA
Clown in a pack, Los Angeles, USA
Traffic cone on the statue of the Duke of Wellington - proof stubbornness Glasgow residents. They often put up this "headdress" on the head of Wellington, that the authorities had to accept.
Cartoon hero Lobby Dosser often "parody" of the Duke of Wellington, just getting traffic cone as a headdress. Glasgow, United Kingdom
Giant pin ("Motherhood"), Glasgow, United Kingdom
Building Torch beer company Asahi notoriety thanks to its architectural delights - the mysterious golden object. Some believe that this flame, others - that froth. However, the people that thing long dubbed the "golden turd." Tokyo, Japan
This amazing statue is in the Monastery of Ten Thousand Buddhas. Looking at her, it becomes clear that everything is possible in Hong Kong