The quietest room in the world
It is said that silence is gold. But in the U.S. there is a room in which is so quiet that to be in it for a long time is simply impossible. People can survive in the "anechoic" room a maximum of 45 minutes.

This room is capable of absorbing the sounds of 99.99% and is included in the Guinness Book of Records as the quietest place in the world. If you're too long in it, then you may even be hallucinating.
The room used fiberglass acoustic platform almost a meter thick, double wall of sound-absorbing steel and concrete 30 cm thick Orfild founder of the laboratory, where they created the room, Stephen Orfild, said: "We conducted an experiment: how long can a person survive in this room in the dark. The maximum time is 45 minutes. "
"People are adapting to the silence. But the quieter the room, the more sound you hear. You can hear the beating of his heart, the lungs, stomach rumbling. In this room, the human body becomes the source of sounds. "And it's great confusing, so you need to sit in one place. "You are guided by the sounds that you hear when you go," says Orfild. "In the anechoic room, you do not have that opportunity."
Some manufacturers use the bathroom in order to determine how loud operate their goods (mobile phones, car dashboard switches, heart valves). Room also used to determine the sound quality. Mr. Orfild with his team helps some manufacturers, such as Whirlpool-think of the metaphor to describe what it's like the sound they have developed devices.
NASA also uses the room to test astronauts. They are placed in a tank filled with water, which is located in a room and watch "how long will it be before they start appearing hallucinations and whether they can cope with them." Mr. Orfild compares the space with a huge silent space, so it is important that the astronauts stayed focused.
Mr. Orfild himself in the room could hold as much as 30 minutes in spite of the annoying sound of a heart valve, which was surprisingly loud.