Creators are not, they are born
Did you know that yesterday was celebrated around the world probably one of the most important features in any family - Universal Children's Day. As is well known childhood most creative time in anyone's life and it is not limited to simple drawings on paper. Anything goes: walls, furniture, father's important papers, but admit it's nothing compared to the joy brought by your child.
Not everyone immediately stanovitcya genius

Though maybe like him

Sometimes the creative process brings joy
And sometimes exhausting to the last
In search of a new and ingenious
You have to exercise your imagination
You should try to avoid ridiculous situations
Constantly experimenting
And be yourself
Even if you have these parents
Just came Shackle, we played a little bit
And as a result
Oil on canvas, strap, ass
And at the end of it all, "Mom, well, I'm sorry ..."
Was a difficult day