Interesting facts from around the world
Do you know how far a person takes in his life, or how many people have managed to get gold in all my life? These and other cognitive facts you will see under the cut.

During his lifetime, the average person takes such a distance, as if he had rounded the equator five times.

Frogs can not swallow without blinking, because their eyeballs to help them push the food into the stomach.
Your skin is completely renewed every 28 days.
The rarest elements found in nature, called astatine. In the surface layer of the earth's crust thickness of 1.6 km are only 70 mg of astatine.
Jaws - the most commonly used structure in the human body.
Dolphins can call each other by their first names.
Every day, the Earth returns at least one piece of space debris.
The average duration of the "life" of pillows - six years.
After six years of service, 10 percent of the air particles are skin mites and their droppings.
The naked mole rat is immune to cancer and can live almost without oxygen.
The fastest eater on the planet - zvezdonos.
Because of the strength of attraction the maximum height to which, theoretically, can grows trees - 130 meters.
The blue whale can hold in your mouth a weight equivalent to their own body. In the water, of course.
The longest animal on earth - marine worm. Its length is 55 meters.
The largest of the living organisms - a fungus that grows in Oregon and covers an area of ​​10 square kilometers.
In the adult human, the average hides seven trillion joules of potential energy.
This is the equivalent of 30 hydrogen bombs.
99 percent of the gold of the Earth is at its core.
In the history of the people managed to get as much gold as they could fill two Olympic-size swimming pool.