Wonderful masterpiece of architecture in eastern Yemen
One of the most famous landmarks of Yemen is the Palace of Dar al Hayyar. He stands on top of a sheer rock formation in the valley of Wadi Dhar among the small villages. I invite you to learn more about it.

In accordance with this very ancient architectural style of the window is divided into two parts: the lower part - the normal window and the upper part is a intricate stained glass stained glass and translucent alabaster.
Imam Yahya was killed by assassins in 1948 during the coup.
In the modern version of the palace of 7 floors and 35 rooms. Close to the Palace of the Imam on the rock is an ancient well, which reaches a depth of 275 meters.
Methods of Imam were primitive simple (it is said that even the state coffers, he kept almost under his bed), but the head of it was, by far, the talented, and he was able to do a lot for his native country.
He is actively suppressed the separatist movement and was able to gain international recognition of Yemen. Imam explicitly supported the feudal order, but just under his rule, people of Yemen for the first time have access to education abroad.

Multi-storey palace of Dar al Hayyar served as the summer residence of Imam Yahya. The building itself is an extension of the reconstruction of a palace built at the site in 1786, which in turn was built on the site of an even more ancient buildings.

The architectural style of the Palace of the Imam in exactly the same style of houses standing in the old part of San'a.Archaeologists claim that these houses were built in ancient Babylon.
Today, the Palace Museum is the Imam, and the palace itself serves as its main exhibit.
The walls of the Palace built of baked mud bricks and decorative window frames made of white plaster. Such plaster windows in the style of "Tahrim" in our time are preserved only in Yemen.

However, it was army officers who had studied abroad and formed the main opposition forces fought with unlimited power of the Imam.
For example, the capital of Yemen - Sana'a city - is one of the most ancient cities in the world, and all the old part of the city entirely included in the list of World Heritage Sites. Historic Town of Zabid and surrounded by earthen walled city of Shibam are also included in this list
Imam Yahya (1897 - 1948 years) has long ruled his country with enormous power, which is comparable with the power of an absolute monarch. Under his personal supervision, and were the national treasury, taxes and fees.