73 Real Man

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73 Real Man
In our country are very few areas for outdoor recreation, where you can use ready-made system of garbage collection, but that does not mean that it is necessary to throw garbage anywhere. In this reportage you will find a story about the inhabitants of the city of Sevastopol, who are tired to put up with the dirt in the streets and to explain to their children why there are so many lying bottles and other debris. This time they turned seventy-three.

Sevastopol. September 2013. Victory Park neighborhood, on the way to a wild beach on the bay of Omega. In summer, every day is coming here quite a lot of people who do not want to lie on the public beach, and prefer the wild rock-strewn rocks seabed and the ability to barbecue facilities on the coast.
Who would doubt that after a summer of solid garbage dump here. That was in 2012, so it was in 2011, so going in recent years.
This happens on most wild beaches in the city and beyond it. Authorities and mustache do not blow. From the windows of their offices because of the mud can not see ...
Even goes so far that the girls are photographed almost against someone left garbage bags.
Actually I quite striking feature of some of the "tourists". I came, I had fried kebabs, ate, drank beer, vodka, garbage downloaded the package, and left around here.
Like, I do not scattered it around. Someone will come and follow me priberet. Such is the logic?
why a child has to clean up beer and wine bottles for adults?
If one of those who has ever thrown behind a trash during the "cultural activities" reads this, just think about it
A lot of work here. Cultural holiday makers have tried to the fullest
Landfills are so large that even stuck bags is missing. We have to share, so as not to waste time and not specifically to run after them to the collection point.

The remains of the meal ... Something many have brought snacks
As well as the famous artist Alexander Shumtsov Sevastopol, also known as Votsmush

Fancy bottles of aromatic oils or perfume

Seventy-three people gathered two full garbage truck. Incidentally, for the third time returning to the officials ...
At this time the administration of Gagarin district of Sevastopol even the truck for garbage collection refused to allocate.
machines we hired for their money.
Neither of the authorities, not even by when doing their job.

The speed bag filling this trio was just amazing.
Fried meat, grill cast. And the girls will be removed
Cup, as if writhing face over the fact that she was found among
 In addition to the monthly Subbotniks conducted by our NGO, the second year in a row Sevastopol join the international campaign "Bloggers against Garbage" gathering of concerned citizens at large Saturday. Given the high degree of contamination of the sea coast near Victory Park, this year it was decided to restore order here.
11 am, and the assembly is tightened to the point, more and more people. This is mainly young people.
instruction first, then the issue of gloves and bags - and for work ....
But at this point a very well mannered driver, literally pushing through the crowd of people from the hood of his Ford Donetsk rooms, cursing and frantically pressing the horn, squeezed to sea ​​for a "cultural holiday with family" with barbecue and beer.
And then we ask ourselves the question - who leaves all this endless garbage?
 By the way, about people. Officials clear, do not come, though, and we invited them, including me through my journal public.
But it is encouraging that more and more are joining us businessmen and famous people.
This girl is the owner of one of the restaurants of Sevastopol. And also with us this morning.
Sometimes it occurs and does not clear the garbage.

No time to lose - rakes, bags in hand, and for the work
2nd year student of Moscow State University scavenge with jokes and laughter. Throughout the need to find the positive - the motto of the girls

. And there was a whole rookery, according to the remnants of a sleeping bag and a huge pile of bottles
And along with them - ordinary students and pupils
However, like everything that is gathering all of these people. It was left to other people
Wind rides bags, packaging, plastic bottles and cigarette packs, mud dotting the whole neighborhood.
Two hours, removed a huge area, and the kids show off their unusual finds. charred circle and coin ...