Most unusual statues in the world
Among the masterpieces of sculpture around the world across a rather unusual work. Some of them wanders so many legends and rumors, that at times it seems that these statues are alive. In this collection you will get acquainted with the most bizarre and funny statues in the world.

"Totem", Leuven, Belgium monument erected in honor of the 575 th anniversary of the Catholic University of Leuven. The author of "Totem" - Belgian sculptor and artist Jan Fabre, the unusual statue is a giant beetle, "impaled" on the nearly 25-foot needle that should symbolize, according to the Fabre, "research spirit of the university and the city."

"The Hand of the Desert", Atacama, Chile giant fingers, as if to dig out the sand of the desert, to allow the body to get the rest (based on the size of the hand, it must be a real giant), invented and brought to life by the Chilean sculptor Mario Irarrasabal. Two similar monument authored by Mario representing a huge hand, there is also the United States and Uruguay.
Author sculptures in the form of a huge white head - the popular Spanish artist Jaume Plensa. The sculpture, entitled "Dream" height of about 20 m was built at the request of the city council the English city of St. Helens in 2009, the year, as explained by the representative of the city, "to reflect the aspirations of the local community." "Dream", St Helens, UK way, like a sculpture of a head of a 14-year-old girl with closed eyes, but slightly smaller than the statue in England, Jaume Plensa installed on one of the beaches of Rio de Janeiro.
"Tarasque", Tarascon, France According to legend, the Tarasque was a monstrous creature - a hybrid of a bear, the dragon and the tortoise. This monster centuries ago terrorized a small village Nerluk, until, finally, a kind and gentle heart, country girl, Martha was able to tame the monster and bring it to the villagers, who, of course, immediately dealt with it, but after that the village was named in memory of murdered terrible beast, and Martha christened Holy. To celebrate these momentous events sculptor Pascal Demomon in 2005, the year erected a statue depicting, as presumably could look like the legendary Tarasque. Each year about "monsters" hold celebrations to mark the monster who gave the town its name.
"Ozimandis on the plains", Texas, USA This strange statue, or rather, there are only two feet in Texas at the whim of an eccentric American millionaire Stanley Marsh's third (yes, after three Arab - Stanley does not like to use Roman numerals) in 1997 the year. monument is enclosed in a deep philosophical meaning: the idea was inspired by a poem by one of the greatest English poets of the XIX-th century Percy Shelley's "Ozimandis", which focuses on the futility of erecting monuments. humorously plaque mounted on the monument says that Shelley wrote poem on this very spot after seeing these "ruins", which, of course, can not be true, as the carved image of at least 20 years of age. Author "Ozimandisa" - the artist Lighting McDuff, and "socks" on the soles of the feet've added later unknown pranksters.
 "Eater of children", Bern, Switzerland This seemingly uncanny name is an old fountain located in the Swiss city of Bern.According to some reports, the sculpture was created in the XVI-th century, but who raised her, and why, this is not entirely clear.According to popular belief, the "Eater" appeared on the streets of the city during one of the carnivals to frighten small children.
"Mazinger Z" Mas del Plata, Spain "Mazinger Z", if someone does not know - is a popular Japanese comics and cartoons about fighting robots, were born back in 1972 by the artist Go Nagai. Comics had a marked effect on the "Transformers" and "Power Rangers", not to mention countless other movies, books, and cartoons. Fans of "fighting robots" live all over the world, and they were found in Spanish Catalonia: a newly built village of Mas del Plata enthusiasts in 1978, built a 12-foot statue (by the way, in the original robot must be 18 m in height), and the construction of Mas del Plata was never completed due to lack of funding, and "Mazinger Z "still stands today, attracting thousands of fans of anime and manga around the world. «Battle Robots" won?
"Mother" (Fr. «Maman»), Ottawa, Ontario (and not only) Sculpture authored by Louise Bourgeois, the famous American sculptor and artist of French origin, is composed of a 9-meter high bronze spider and a 26-marble spider eggs. The first such monument (and there are a whole series) appeared in 1999 in the Tate Museum of Modern Art - British contemporary art gallery. "These spiders are dedicated to my mother. My mother was a weaver, our family was engaged in the restoration and creation of tapestries. Like spiders, my mother was very smart, she always helped me and protected as spiders help to destroy harmful insects. The mother was my best friend "- said the artist.
"Omar Mickey", Boston, Massachusetts, United States This is a very strange two-meter creation by artist Brieny Roulet came to light as part of a project funded «The Walt Disney Company». 75 artists presented their vision of the famous Disney characters Mickey Mouse, setting in several cities in the United States, its statues and sculptures were to reflect the characteristics of a village. Probably nothing related to Boston, except seafood, the artist could not remember, so just decided to join Mickey Mouse and lobster in a single sculptural piece.
"Svinoutka" (or "Utkosvin" in Finnish «Posankka»), Turku, Finland The original monument, which is a cross between a duck and a pig, designed by Finnish artist Alvar Gullihsen. Funny statue came into being in 1999 and was initially floated on the river Aura, and in 2001, the year it set up on a pedestal near the campus of the University of Turku. According to Alvaro, the sculpture represents a critical approach to modern genetic engineering. way, not all the locals refer to the monument is positive, considering it too challenging.