Beauty will save the staircase
The author writes: Hardly had come Sept. 1, and at our entrance (near the school) have settled evil power: Yaga, whitefish, Semyon, mat, music from your mobile phone - that's all. And one day I came home from work, when it was still light, and saw our front door in all its glory

Bro decided to intervene.
By the way, the demons fuck at all: both doors (inside and outside), the plate with the numbers of apartments, ceiling canopy, a bulletin board, bench ... Even in the intercom system - not just psyknuli paint and screen is scratched with a knife. Beasts.started with intercom, nail polish remover is very handy:
While there, started by finding out what will be painted later. Mom asked to draw grapes because he loved him :) photo of grapes in the network is not a problem, but here's a color printer to print the sketch - generally nereal. In the end, save the picture to your phone, but in gloves with the sensor device is very inconvenient. Zakleyili intercom mounting tape and painted what we planned:
All about everything - about 30 bottles of paint and 4 hours of time.
At first they wanted to make vines on a tree, but then realized that this texture will have trouble and a couple of colors are missing:
The gradients, etc. - it's pretty simple, if you have the necessary colors. But to create highlights and all sorts of volumes has its own techniques and subtleties. For example, to create a more or less realistic droplets, they are first drawn in large white sunglasses:
And then painted over the top layer of paint to the lower bit highlighted (has a matte sheen)
It was the rain, and we all drew and painted. Then he signed a number of apartments, screw in a lightbulb. No time to explain, here's the result:
A similar technique - to create the relief of leaves and stems, first applied to dark or light "framework", which will be then simply show through: