The scenic pictures of glaciers
In this collection we want to show you an amazing variety of beautiful photos of the world's glaciers and tell you about the problems that arise due to global warming.

One of the most striking, even strident in its splendor, the visible effects of climate change - it's icy canyons, rugged frosty covering Greenland. Deep thawed, leaving deep into a few tens of meters, which allow the water with clean, clearly indicating the depth of the color variations, has become one of the main attractions of the world's largest island. I definitely have a sense of apocalypse taste.

Another surprising effect of global warming that pervade all in the same Greenland - are lakes of various sizes that appear on the ice. Transparent, but still equipped with such background, they can not help but impress.
The long and impressive size of the tunnels in glaciers, laid melt water and apply to the territory of North America. Height from floor to ceiling and they can greatly exceed the height of a man, and the cleft in which, by the way, it is easy to slip and go off into the depths of ice for many tens of meters.
The fall of glaciers caused by melting due to which split off from the frozen giant chunks of arrays - each weighing thousands of tons - have long been a symbol of the impact of global warming on the environment, which can be seen with their own eyes.
Glaciers are melting, parting with impressive icebergs, literally everywhere - from Patagonia to the shores of Antarctica. The most impressive event of such a plan was chipping in 2002 of the Larsen Ice Shelf on the Antarctic coast fragment area of ​​more than two and a half thousand square kilometers.In this case the glacier remained absolutely stable for ten thousand years.

Every drop of ice in glaciers throws to the open sea stack of icebergs, which, although they are the producers of one of the most striking impressions of tourists traveling to those places, but significantly worsen the situation with shipping.
The top of the volcano Mount Kilimanjaro - One of the surprising places where you can see with your own eyes the onset of global warming. The massive ice cap is melting rapidly, leaving the sand still held massive pieces of the former snowpack.

Extracts and glaciers of Norway, and here their melting does not only form fantastic shapes and colors of local glaciers, thus only decorating fjords, but also allows the scientists to archaeologists find ancient artifacts, including, for example, ice mummies, not to mention the weapons and household items Vikings.
In the depths of Siberia obscured the real "climate bomb", according to the fuse which has worked for global warming. Due to the temperature slowly thawed swamp, immediately starting to emit methane (and even kindle), but adding the atmosphere of greenhouse gases.
Another unexpected place where dokatyvajutsja to disperse the impact of global warming - Venice. Already famous St. Mark's Square floods five times a year, turning it into a real pool in which bathing vacationers, and over time the frequency of floods will only increase until the attractions of the city did not flee in the waters of the Adriatic. However, according to forecasts it will happen only in 2100.