Zombie from the movie The Walking Dead
Here you can see how things zombie, the example of actress Xan Angelovicha. When a professional takes on the case, the person turns into a terrible dead creature. terrible sight
1. This actress Xan Angelovicha. She plays one of the dead people in the TV series "The Walking Dead." (David Walter Banks)
2. And this is Miss Angelovicha before applying makeup. (David Walter Banks)
3. Xan "lucky" - it is a "real zombies", that is, her makeup is applied from the beginning. Many other zombies in the series do simply with masks or graphics. (David Walter Banks)
 4. Xan Angelovicha while preparing to shoot. (David Walter Banks)
5. One of the executive producers of the show, Greg Nicotero (left) helps make-up artist Andy Schoeneberg wear at her wig. (David Walter Banks)
6. Mr. Nicotero girl inserts contact lenses. (David Walter Banks)
7. Now - a little to correct teeth. (David Walter Banks)
8. Mr. Nicotero shows how zombies should growl. (David Walter Banks)
9. Camera! Action! (David Walter Banks)