Dangerous kind of caterpillar Lon
Each animal nature has given its methods of protection. Someone is a great disguise, others - sharp teeth and claws, the third - the poison. All methods of repelling and protection are countless. But it seems that the caterpillar of the genus is the darling of the womb of Mother Nature. How else to explain the fact that its poison has the strongest known natural toxins. After contact with the caterpillar of this there is a lot of internal bleeding, and it is also possible bleeding in the brain. And what is known to all ends.
Therefore, going to travel the South of Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay and Argentina, be very careful. In tropical forests, it is in these countries can meet dangerous caterpillar Lonomia Obliqua. And it is fine, if only in the forests, but that sometimes it can be found in orchards and residential areas.

People would have been glad to avoid a meeting with her, but how to do it, if it is well disguised as tree bark or wood moss, and it is very difficult to notice. Track length reaches 4.5-7 inches. Her whole body is covered with branched spines that resemble tree branches. Nature also awarded caterpillar Lon ideal for camouflage green and brown color. Located on the back of a white spot, which is shaped like the letter «U».
Each spike it can easily pierce human skin. They are ducts special glands that produce venom from the class of anticoagulants (substances that help to reduce the activity of blood coagulation and prevents the formation of blood clots). As a result of accidental contact with the caterpillar, the spikes pierce the skin instantly and the poison gets into the blood. It quickly spread throughout the body. Therefore, internal bleeding may occur not only in the area of ​​the injection, but also in any other place. The most dangerous thing is that the bleeding can also occur in the brain, as well as in the gastrointestinal tract or in the glomeruli of the kidneys, which leads to acute renal failure. The result - a high probability of death.

The surprising fact is that the venom of this track is the lowest dose toxicity in the world. It is only a thousandth part of the snake bite. The result as you can see what it is.
The good news is that the threat is to be feared only a few months a year, while a caterpillar turns into a sweet and harmless butterfly of the family of Saturn.

The first case of this syndrome massive hemorrhage occurred in the state of Rio Grande do Sol, Brazil, and local farmers. Doctors wondered what caused these people similar signs of extensive hemorrhages throughout the body. Some of them have been bleeding in the brain, leading to death.
There are a few sad cases after an unscheduled meeting of the caterpillar. Here is one of them. After returning from a holiday in Peru, a young 22-year-old Canadian girl noticed a lot of bruises on the body. She immediately went to the hospital. Doctors at first did not understand what caused such a multiple hemorrhages. But after the patient told them that accidentally stepped bare foot on the 5 small caterpillars, doctors immediately contacted the Brazilian colleagues in Canada and was immediately sent to the antidote. But it was too late. The girl's case of acute renal failure. Death occurred on the 10th day after exposure.
In just a 5-year period in the above state was recorded about 700 cases of poisoning poison caterpillars. Every year the number of victims grew.Therefore, scientists from the Butantan Institute in Sao Paulo was established antidote. It was very effective, the main thing - to enter it at least 12-24 hours after exposure to the caterpillar.

So, going to travel to tropical countries, be very careful and cautious. Sometimes the usual curiosity can play with someone a bad joke.