U.S. National Parks

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U.S. National Parks
This photo essay presents photographs taken in the national parks of the United States and reflect the beauty of nature in North America.
The Grand Canyon is perhaps the most recognizable national park in the United States. By the 1600-meter gorge, which was formed mainly as a result of the eroding Colorado River each year come to about 5 million tourists. Between northern and southern edge of the canyon is the canyon width is about 16 kilometers.
In Acadia National Park in Maine is the highest mountain on the Atlantic coast of the United States. National Park visitors should be aware that temperatures can vary from 7 to 30 C in summer and from -1 to 21 C in spring or autumn. 
Bear Lake, surrounded by yellowing aspens on the slopes of the mountains - one of the main attractions of the National Park Rocky Mountain in Colorado.
Badlands National Park in South Dakota is known for its harsh climate. In winter the temperature reaches -40 ° C, and at the height of summer - 47 S. Visitors attracted harsh beauty of the park, as well as rich deposits of mineral resources.
Yosemite National Park is famous for its waterfalls, picturesque valleys, meadows and huge redwoods
Any visitor to the National Park North Cascades will find here what he wants: high mountains, deep valleys, waterfalls and hundreds of unusual ice.