Strange color of animals
You probably know of these animals, but you do not know that they are such strange colors. Do not run to the eye doctor and check your eyesight. It's just the nature of fun. blue lobster. 1-2 million lobsters in the world blue.

Purple squirrel.

Percy and Connie caught purple jersey Emert protein in February 2012.

Pink Bottlenose Dolphin

In 2009, the pink dolphin is found in a lake in Louisiana.

Completely black penguins.

Very little is known about the full black penguins, because they are extremely rare.

Pink Grasshopper

This grasshopper, which is to be green by nature, became pink due to a phenomenon called eritrizm.

The White Peacock.

It's not a peacock albino, is the natural color of a very rare form of peacocks.

Neon-blue African coral adder

Wild populations of these brightly colored animals exist in San Francisco.

Pink Turtle.
Candy-pink to red-formed sea turtles.