Destroyer Restless. Kaliningrad
Here is the real defender of the fatherland - 156-meter monster Restless. Is armed with 8 unique (having no analogues in the world), anti-ship missiles such as mosquito, two anti-aircraft missile launchers Calm, 130mm artillery system dvuhorudiyny range of 20 km and a bunch of everything else. Also, the destroyer can carry on board a carrier-based helicopter Ka-27.

Destroyers Project 956 - the third generation of destroyers, the latter developed and implemented projects in the USSR-class ships, "the destroyer". Project code - "Buzzard," the code of NATO - Sovremenny class destroyer.
Baltic Fleet destroyer "Restless" - a lot of high-speed maneuverable target combat ship, designed to combat submarines, aircraft (including missiles), and enemy ships. The ship is used for protection and defense compounds or convoys of ships at sea, as well as reconnaissance and patrol service, fire support for landing and for the formulation of minefields.
The ship was laid to plant them. AA Zhdanov, April 8, 1987, launched on June 9, 1990. February 29, 1992 on the ship St. Andrew's flag was raised.
Capacity: 100,000 liters. a.
Speed: 18.4 knot economical, 32.7 knot is complete.
Endurance: 30 days.
Range: 1345 miles at 33 knots, 3920 miles at 18 knots.
Displacement: 8,000 tons.
AK-130 - ship's automatic gun, 130 mm. Range up to 23 km.

Since the entry into service until the end of the Cold War destroyers of the project 956 intensively exploited in various theaters of naval operations (from the Barents Sea to the Persian Gulf), actively participated in the combat service of the Soviet Navy, showed the Soviet naval presence in the oceans, including in conflict zones.
With fifteen major impermeable bulkhead enclosure is divided into 16 watertight compartments. The basic hull design as well as foundations and reinforcements are made of low alloy steel. In the above-water part of the body in the areas of greatest concentration of stresses applied to steel sheets with high yield. In the aft of the aft engine and boiler room there are two longitudinal bulkheads, providing increased stiffness aft end.
The presence of mechanisms to reload ammunition of AK-130 allows without additional command to release all the ammunition to complete emptying cellars. Project 956 destroyers were the first ships of this class, equipped with these facilities.
Also, due to the large instrument rate and the presence of several types of specialized ordnance can conduct an effective anti-aircraft fire (ammunition included in the shells and radar remote detonators).
Ships Project 956 are typically ships dlinnopolubachnoy design with S-Noy sheer in the bow, providing nezalivaemost deck, as well as ensuring all corners of the bow artillery shelling plant.

Antiship weapons destroyers Project 956 antiship presented complex "Mosquito" (from the destroyer, "Restless" was installed an advanced set of "Mosquito-M" missile with a ZM-82) with two quad launchers nenavodyaschimisya, which is eight anti-ship missiles. Missile range - 120 km (the "Mosquito-M" is increased to 170 km), the probability of getting even with active jamming is 0,94-0,99 factor. Marching speed - Mach 2.5-3, the starting weight of 3930 kg, warhead weight - 300 kg. Ship Control System (CCS) allows you to vosmiraketny volley just 30 seconds.

Combat survivability destroyers Project 956 is provided through the allocation of steel structures in the hull of the ship to the local fire zone cellars ammunition, explosive facilities, and power plant compartments.

Like all ships of third-generation Project 956 destroyers do not have the protection of the architectural radar [25]. A large number of radar antennas placed on the ships of the project, pryamostennye sections board and add-ins at swimming "on an even keel," due to reflections from the smooth surface of the sea provide significant value ESR (effective area of ​​scattering). Destroyers of this project are seven times greater EPR than the French frigates of the "Lafayette", but the difference is reduced by rolling three times

In a duel situation, "who wins" after discharging from both sides of anti-ship missiles, and in the absence of air cover for the destroyer project 956 "becomes a master of the situation in the fight against any surface ship of the world."

Main propulsion of ships Project 956 consists of two boiler-turbine units eshelonnoraspolozhennyh GTZA-674 with total capacity of 100,000 liters. a., one of which is located in the forward engine room, and another - in the stern.
In combat mode the ships of the project can be at sea for six-point agitation at speed to 24 knots [23]. The height of the waves on the limit adopted by designers in the excitement of 12 meters.
The crew - 296 men in peace time and 358 - in the military, from this number 25 officers and 48 warrant officers, the other sailors. And here lies the main headache sailors. The sailors, conscripts, soldiers as the Army, serve a year. Before the period of service in the navy amounted to three years, then two. All the officers as a state that strongly enough years to train a specialist at such a technically complex object as a warship. Even if a sailor fell sverhodarenny, he can just learn their military specialty, and immediately goes to the reserve. Exit the military sees one - to increase the number of contractors.

Over twenty years of service, the ship took on board a lot of presidents, ministers and admirals: this book shows the guests of honor, located in a cozy officers' mess. Among others there is an autograph and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, husband of the Queen of Great Britain. And there, among the jewels and souvenirs, the ship's cat sleeps calmly theme.

At a nearby patrol boat, "Yaroslav the Wise", moored next to the "troublesome" and regularly coming out in a sea trips, serve only the sailors, contractors. Of course, this is the right decision. The commander of the destroyer hopes that after the repair and modernization of the "Restless" also will be fully staffed by professionals.

Helipad on the "Yaroslav the Wise."