Shocking discovery on the banks of the Irtysh
I suggest you look a little excursion from one blogger on the bank of the Irtysh.
We returned home on the weekends. We stopped on the way to the bank of the Irtysh, and when down to the water, they saw something shocking. This is what I will tell you now and.
Beach is very steep.
Height of about 5-6 meters.
Feet began to get wood.
Noticed the first bone.
Then the second one, which was very similar to humans.
Raising his eyes, and there ...
This is all the holes from the coffins!
In some places the pieces stick timber.
Changing direction Irtysh, opened the old burial.
The contents of the graves start to fall out on the beach and into the water of the river.
But something still remains inside.
An eerie sight.

Crushed grave.
The bones underfoot on the shore ...
That's all. That's such a memorable trip turned from us.