The best illusion of the year
A boy goes on a suspension bridge, the optical illusion created Nicholas Arndt.
He is a true master of his craft.
But who else could give us the best optical illusion, if not a major magician in this genre - nature. Salar de Uyuni - the mysterious salt flats in Bolivia - this is the real mirror.
Installation of "building" of the Argentine artist Leandro Erlich - this is a real fun for kids and adults. It was first reported by as much as three months in Paris. Visitors can climb the building and jump from window to window.
Joe and Max - a team of some of the best magicians in the world of street art. One of their "hits" - that's the picture in anticipation of the premiere of "The Dark Knight: The Legend Continues." Crumbling city appeared on the streets of Madrid in Spain.
 Crocodiles in the living room.
Gulf, on which you can go through. This year, the Brazilian artist Regina Silveira has created this incredible installation "Depth", which was presented in the gallery of modern art in Lodz, Poland. Using the architecture of the gallery, in particular, its windows, it creates a gap through which you can walk.
Huge switch. Artist from Valencia nick Eskif painted this giant switch for the Polish festival of street art in Katowice. Eskif used just a few colors, but it created the illusion that the switch is actually clickable.
Water Street Art. An ode to the historic leap from space Felix Baumgartner - a street artist Fintan Magee from Brisbane created this masterpiece called "Felix swims on his back." Painted this work of art in an abandoned house to attract more people to the abandoned and forgotten places.
Collapsing floor elevator. When the company LG has decided that they need to show the world how "realistic" their new monitors, they did it in the elevator. Imagine you walk into the elevator, then flashing lights, or tile under your feet, "flake", and it seems that you are going to fall down an elevator shaft.