Harsh environment of Alaska and the Arctic
How is harsh and at the same time beautiful nature of Alaska and the Arctic.American landscape photographer David Schultz made ​​some beautiful pictures. 
Let's look at the beauty of the coldest places.
Today, David - a successful photographer whose pictures are published in popular magazines of the world, such as the National Geografic, Travel & Leisure, Islands and many others, but once he was only 13-year-old, who was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes

Then David had to radically revise their outlook on life and he suddenly found himself on how he likes the beauty of untouched nature. These thoughts gave him an incentive to look for something new, and of course, capture it on film, it is not surprising that, having received his first 35mm camera, David soon found himself in the photo, but after a while even started to teach this wonderful art .

At 22, Schultz decided to embark on a fashion photographer, and doing this for seven years, after which, in 1987, closed his studio and moved to a quiet alpine town of Heber, where he still lives

In 1990, David began to produce limited edition, consisting of the best of his works, and the fall of 1998 he opened his own gallery West Light Images in Park City, Utah