Generous billionaire
I personally have been associated with billionaire yachts, mansions, expensive cars, but not the man named Chuck Feeney (Chuck Feeney).
His 81 years old, he made ​​a fortune of 7.5 billion dollars. You do not have cars, flies economy class, lives in a rented apartment.
One could call it a screw, shaking over every penny, if not for the fact that over the last 30 years he gave to charity more than 6 billion. The money was spent on education, health, science, the content of nursing homes in the United States, Vietnam, Australia, South Africa, Ireland and Bermuda.He's not going to stop, and plans to 2016 to give to a worthy cause all the remaining money.
Moreover, this extravagant rich man is not interested in not only money but also fame: giving away his billions, he tried to stay in the shade, and the first 15 years it was doing quite well, because No one knew about his charity work. Then came the "exposure", although after Feeney was behaving very modestly. For example, it is known that up to 2012, he gave no more than 5 interviews.
Chuck Feeney - an amazing person. Start your business from the bottom, selling alcohol Sailors U.S. Navy, he was able in a few years to put together a company of 200 employees in 27 countries. Its revenues grew at a tremendous rate, although most of them immediately went charity. Bill Gates called Finney perfect role model, noting that it is the best example of how to do good in life. Here's a he, the most generous man in the world.