Unusual fairytale castle in Germany
in the south of the German federal state of North Rhine - Westphalia is an amazing castle, striking beauty and sophistication of its facades
Castle is a prime example Drahenburg Gothic architectural style, very popular in the late nineteenth century
Drahenburg castle stands on the right bank of the Rhine, on the mountainside Drahenfels, from which derives its unusual name
Twist a nest in a cozy green area Westphalia decided Baron Stefan von Zarter, suddenly found that the result of continued exchange activity in his wallet had collected a tidy sum

 On the construction of the castle took just three years - from 1882 to 1884. To create the project were recruited local architect Leo von Düsseldorf Abbema and Bernhard Tyuzhaus, and later, in order to fine-finalization, Baron hired another famous German architect - William Hoffman
 Upon completion of the lock Drahenburg was recognized as the largest of these lands XIX century palace complex

Drahenburg built in a unique style, which combines elements of the castle and palace architecture, so to call it just a lock or only palace in reality is not quite right, but as in its look still more "tool-joint" - today it is not officially called except lock Drahenburg
 In 1902, Baron von Zarter died, leaving no direct heirs, so his child was taken over by his nephew Jacob Bizenbaha, settled in the luxury of the castle luxury hotel

After Bizenbaha Drahenburg "went from hand to hand" - the amazing beauty of the interior, ornate tapestries and frescoes, once housed a Catholic boarding school, college and even rail National Socialist military school. Did not escape the castle and the deplorable fate of looted cleaned during the Second World War, the historic structures - in a castle park was placed German anti-aircraft defense in the war artillery shelled allies himself with the lock. However, what remains of the collection's extensive priceless art objects were exported to America

From that moment on the dilapidated castle was forgotten - he stood in disrepair until 1970, when the local authorities decided to demolish it.Pearl of the neo-Gothic architecture of the late XIX century, would have been destroyed if not for the appearance of an unknown private investor, at the last moment before the demolition of the ruins of a ransom and begin the restoration of her former beauty and grandeur of the castle Drahenburg

During a private restoration was rebuilt almost the entire castle and part of the interior, the walls depicting scenes from the heroic past of the country. Including been recovered so-called "rooms Nibelungen", the frescoes that cover the most famous legends of Germany, and the interior of the castle are furnished in the style of the era in which it was carried out construction
At the turn of the XX-XXI centuries south facade was restored and Drahenburga "terrace of Venus" in the castle park
 Another pair of beautiful night views on Drahenburg