Chernobyl delicious lunch
These delicacies are served in the dining room of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. To enjoy a meal, you need to get a job on the construction of a new protective dome over the reactor plant.
Japanese Reporter online newspaper Kuzo visited Chernobyl and tasted delicious thence, he is delighted with the cuisine.
 And now, in detail (from the words of a correspondent) today, it took more than a quarter century after the crash, builders in the exclusion zone defense in suits every day, building a protective sarcophagus over the reactor plant. Of course, this work is not for wimps, and the whole day in the heat, in a suit of protection , makes itself felt. But to help weary workers comes a hearty and delicious meal in the best traditions of Ukrainian.Menu · Borsch , of course, the first thing that comes to mind when talking about Ukrainian cuisine. In contrast to the restaurant borscht, which you can enjoy in the Ukrainian capital, the soup here exudes a scent that smells just flowed from his mouth water. This soup is made ​​from fresh ingredients, and if you speak out, there is the most delicious soup in the world. · Simple but delicious cooked side dishes Pickles, roasted carrots, roasted egg: everything seems to be easy, but there is a Japanese reporter remembered his homeland, where the most simple dishes - a symphony of subtle flavors and aromas. A figure ... Delicious and pure rice pancakes · As reports said, these tasty pancakes the most expensive Japanese pancakes, which he managed to eat • Reasons to go back to Chernobyl - a place where hard to get, but I wanted to go back and not just because of all the Ukrainian cuisine. In my opinion, the most expensive restaurants in the world does not deserve to wear the title of the restaurant, after those flavors that I tasted in the regular dining room at Chernobyl. Of course, this food must be in the diet of the builders and we hope that this unique food, sooner or later will to revive the life in a ghost town.