Scary mouths of wildlife
About voracity of these creatures are legendary. Animals often eat the fish that came to the network, so thus bring a lot of harm to fisheries. Like a huge worm, hagfish has an impressive jaw with an interesting arrangement of sharp teeth arranged in several rows.
Ironically, despite the existence of such a menacing jaws, hagfish do not necessarily use it to stay well-fed. She knows how to eat the skin: swimming in the water next to the rotting corpses decomposing creatures, absorbing their skin beautiful corpse juice through the pores of the skin.
Teeth-knives, leatherback sea turtles
Leatherbacks are the largest turtles in the world. Unlike many other harmless species of turtles, pinched pot, these monsters have a very terrible jaw, they need to feed on mollusks, crustaceans and young fish.
In the mouth of these turtles have a whole bunch of teeth, similar to stalactites in the cave, which grow from completely different sides of the jaws, and even in the throat.
Vampire fangs vampire fish
Meet: This is skumbrievidny gidrolik, known as "vampire fish".
To survive in such a river, like Amazon, you need to stock an effective weapon, especially with sharp fangs, which are available for gidrolika. In the mouth of the fish - different in size, but very sharp teeth, some of which reach a length of 15 centimeters.
Interestingly, skumbrievidnye gidroliki closely related to the piranha, but it does not prevent predators often prey on them. Despite the fact that cases of attacks on people gidrolikov not observed, yet are advised to stay away from the waters in which they live.
Teeth-saw glowing voracious shark
Luminous Shark appear only after sunset and swim in pitch darkness in search of prey. These fish in the length of 5 cm, however, have the largest teeth relative to body size.
Because the luminous shark can not boast of large body size, they have learned to attack larger fish and animals, biting off chunks of meat on them and then disappearing . Victims of sharks - whales, large fish, dolphins - do not die, but only left with wounds that heal slowly, leaving a scar. There have been documented cases of attacks on humans.
Amazing Teeth penguin
If you look in the mouth penguin, there you will notice something very dangerous and threatening - sharp teeth.
Teeth present on all sides by penguin inside the mouth, including the upper and lower jaw of the beak, and even language. Since penguins prefer to swallow prey whole, they must somehow grasp and hold it, that's the ever-present help and teeth. Razor mouth and tongue work like conveyor belt that moves food in the same direction.
Language-dart with woodpecker
woodpecker O capabilities with high speed hollow trunks of trees known to all, but about the amazing properties of their language known to few. This language is almost three times longer than the bill itself, and also has an amazing hook on the end, allowing the birds to get a treat.
One can only speculate how such a long tongue can fit in the mouth of a bird. It turns out that when the language is not needed, the woodpecker wrap it with the back of the skull, it passes near the eye, and it gets to the  very end of the nostrils.
Human teeth pacu fish
fry the surface this is not much different from the rest of the standard fish with scales and fins, but if you look at the mouth of this fish, you will be surprised: the fish pacu human teeth!
What nature needed to copy itself? Perhaps this is due to the fact that these teeth are as a person, an excellent job of chewing almost any food, including seeds and nuts that do not tend to fish.