Hotel Marina Bay Sands swimming pool in the sky
The coolest hotel in the world, Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. At the height of the three towers of 200 meters (55 storeys) is a huge terrace in a gondola with swimming pools and green gardens with total area of 12.4 thousand square meters. meters. The main pool is located in the open, has no visible skirting, because of what the impression that the edge of the water is dropped on top. Swimming pool stretches for 150 meters and is the largest swimming pool built at this level. The hotel has 2,500 rooms, shopping center, conference hall, two theaters, a museum and several restaurants. Construction of the hotel cost investors $ 8 billion. This is the most expensive detached resort in the world.

The overall appearance. The three towers of more than 2,500 rooms. On the rooftop pool. Large white lily - Museum of Contemporary Art.At the foot of shops, theaters and restaurants.