Marriage without the glamor
Author: I do not just have to shoot the wedding, but more on order, and I did not feel free in terms of creativity. It was necessary to please the customer to photos turned out "pretty as they," "as at all."
But once again come August - the season of weddings. And this time I was lucky enough to get on a normal village wedding. Not formal, not limited by any stereotypes, and it is unclear who invented the protocol.
I came to the village Koltyugino, 30 km from Tara, the regional center of Omsk region, when the yard and in the homes of the bride and groom in full were preparing for an early holiday.

House of Brides Svetlana's easy to find posters and balloons at the gate, and a crowd of curious villagers of all ages. Weddings in the northern villages of Omsk now rare, the youth went to the city, so Koltyugino wedding Svetlana and Paul became a public holiday village. On it, I'm sure people will long be remembered later.
First I watched the people hurrying to the house of the bride or groom, depending on who is who relatives.
As rural people sincerely believe they put on their best clothes and fashion. However, as to who and what has come to a celebration in the village is almost no one pays as much attention as at weddings in the city.
On my visit and my lens is almost no one pays attention. Sisters of the bride mother helps with the preparation of meals for the holiday table and the most Svetlana - unusual for wear white dresses everyday life. Some of the men at this pre-holiday bustle and noise of a hurry to break the fast - on the go wipe the glass-another benefit that the father of the groom caught up almost a whole jar of moonshine.
In both houses of women cook and remember your wedding, you guys are smoking and give to the groom Pasha "wise" advice. At the same time in the open air, right in the yard of the groom, served table. Is not that in a city where the wedding take place in dining rooms, a cafe, where the dark and stuffy, and, as they say, there is no place to spit.
The bride and groom go to the house of marriage, the district registrar.
There's nothing interesting - a routine procedure, but I noticed that many of the guests, not to mention the parents were crying.

On the way back, riding to the next bridge on the road before turning onto a country road, the bridegroom bore his bride in his arms. Such a tradition! And the three bridges on the way home.
I went ahead and wedding car on the road saw the shepherds, ready for the next "peretyagu." Cellular communication in the village there, so no one warned the men, he drove the newlyweds. As it turned out from the conversation, they are guarded by the side of the bride and groom than one hour.
Already in the village street wedding cortege of young villagers overlap. Today, you can legally take the ransom. Bargain. And he is very lively and natural.
First of all, the wedding festivities in the village of his surprising sincerity.
Master of ceremonies - a friend, a cook - friends, parents, accordion - a relative, everyone knows each other.
Feast is a natural normal course, without a given scenario, as well as told to the heart and soul, and even, perhaps, hops, that relaxes people to a state where the soul is wide open.
Competitions are held in high esteem - obscene limericks, and newfound mother in law the guys decided to ride in a cart.
Out of a rural wedding or paper medals, no honors, which I was so tired at other weddings. And the dance is not on the invitation of the host, and when they want.
At first I was surprised organized the wedding, despite the fact that it actually took place by gravity. Like a river - it flows, winds, bends a horseshoe, is moving from the pool to pleso ...

Toastmasters is usually difficult to cope with such a noisy campaign. But soon I noticed all the "positions" are distributed by themselves. Who is on the farm (now - the co-op), an accountant, he also collects the money at the wedding.
Especially famously danced at the wedding under the "apple" and obscene limericks.
Country wedding can not be compared with the city of glamor, but she really like the song, "sang and danced, and the wings of this wedding into the distance carrying ..."

I saw happy people. Free and emancipated. They walk that way because they like to walk. Be yourself, and not to represent someone and for someone - it can afford only a strong people. And not simpletons these rural men and women, boys and girls, as it may seem at first glance. They - the real thing.