100 things you should be able to man
The most desirable things that a woman wants in a man. Guys, read and listen.
 A. Do not be silent when cooked delicious. Eat in silence, if not taste good.

 Two. Do not knock me into the bathroom. I'll go ... 
3. Bring marshmallows at night if I want.
4. Do not pretend that the mountain of dirty dishes in the sink came to visit from the neighbors.
5. Dispose of your holey socks / underwear. Even the most loved and comfortable.
6. Bring to orgasm.
7. To be able to love to cook meat.
Eight. Dance. At least a little. At least when we were both drunk
 9. To be able to communicate with children of any age. 
10. Stand up if someone Hamit / stick to the weaker on the street.
11. Correctly answer the question that he liked more of the five proposed options for clothing.
12. Know when to stop yelling at me, silly and just hug.
13. Be there when needed.
14. Turn off the water in the apartment and realize that flows into the cistern.
15. Allow to spend the evening buried in a notebook, if it's an inspiration.

16. DO cunnilingus.

17. Be confident and generous.
18. Finding your way with a completely jerks neighbor, who claimed that I scratched his car. 
19. Love jazz.
20. Remember that when I was in high heels, move slowly and have to close.
21. Do not yell when I'm driving.
22. In the morning, after my hangover, to bring mineral water, beer and run to the pharmacy for medicine for a headache. Feel sorry for the whole day and endure the groans. Even if they drank together. 
23. Choose a ring.
24. Do children and enjoy their education.
25. Having s*x via SMS using the words and not the regulatory language.
26. Take responsibility for themselves.
27. Shut up.
28. Hug at night so that was not hot, but comfortable.
 29. To be able to earn money and spend it lavishly on me. 
30. Decide who is in his home life a woman and make her happy.
31. To be able to express their feelings, do not hesitate to do it.
32. A lot to know.
33. Do not paint over the gray hair.
34. See, so that goosebumps and butterflies in the stomach.
35. Hug.
36. Do not stall on the roughness.
37. To restrain the emotions, learning about the amount spent by me.
38. Kindle the fire of one match.
 39. With a sense of dignity even to dissect the dead "nine." 
40. Cooking with pleasure, to starve with humor.
41. To make gifts.
42. To cut his nails and hair in the ears and nose.
43. A properly written.
44. Just hours of kissing, delicious, sweet and varied, to tremble at the knees.
45. Worry for the family.
46. Getting drunk is not used to women.
47. Be smarter than women in inoffensive to her form.
48. Fooling around together.
49. To be able to hurt.
50. Never say "I told you so!"
51. Build a house.
52. Do not take her.
53. Leave when out of love.
54. Loving children from previous marriages.
55. Be able to explain the multiplication table dunce seven years.
56. Get you, fun and not very sober, in an apartment, undress, take off shoes, lay, lay, set next to a glass of water, and in the morning to pretend as if nothing had happened.
57. Compose a fascinating tale for his son at bedtime.
58. Watch for their appearance, but not fanatically.
59. Leave your personal space.
60. Delicious smell.
61. Jealous | Do not be jealous.
62. Forgive, forgive, forgive. Listen, listen, listen.
63. Understand the wine, football and bra sizes.
64. Ride in the subway "without hands" and pathetic attempts to miss the handrail.
 65. A lot to know. 
66. Joke. 
67. Engage in a little exercise to maintain the tone. 
68. To dress with taste. 
69. To be able to quietly unfasten her bra. 
70. To be able to forgive you even in the most unpleasant situations. And do not force yourself to ask for forgiveness. The phrase "Come on, forget" - the most it. 
71. Quickly put an end to the blowj*b.
72. To play the guitar.
 73. To understand the subtle hints. Even a very thin and very hints. 
74. Make minor repairs to the house. 
75. Giving jewelry with diamonds. 
76. Have a best friend. 
of 77. Remembering his former only with respect. 
78. Do not be jealous of the masseurs.
79. Quick to think that right there, where I show. 
80. Forget the phrase "You do not understand." 
81. Relax tip of the tongue. Ras weak fuck! 
82. Do not be afraid of cockroaches.

 84. Launch a kite. 
85. Often the win.
86. Reinstall "is windows."
87. Share with me shopping.
88. Do not be ashamed to buy me pads / tampons.
89. Flip the mattress "winter-summer" in the winter and summer.
90. Make compliments.
91. Independently find their car keys, wallet, tickets, and the TV remote.
92. Plans and implement them.
93. Remember all pleasant nonsense. Aloud.
94. To be able to stand up for myself and for you. 
95. Put a candle orschemu antipyretic and break out the baby. 
96. To be able to come off well.
97. Take a bath and shower together.
98. Massage.
99. Be my man. 
100. For all the glory is not listed to be my father.