Interesting optical illusions

Fata Morgana, 
is a complex optical phenomenon in the atmosphere, in which distant objects are seen repeatedly and distorted. Especially often it can be seen off the coast of Antarctica. Early explorers of the Southern continent meticulously map the islands, capes and ridges, which are never seen again. One Swedish researcher, sketched in his notebook rocky promontory with two unusual symmetrical valley glaciers. It turned out that he actually saw a walrus. 
Fata morgana occurs when the lower atmosphere is formed by several alternating layers of air of different densities are capable of making mirror images. As a result, the sun's rays reflect real-world objects look distorted, fluid and partly overlapping.

St. Elmo's fire 
is bright blue or purple glow that comes from the high-pointed structures, such as lightning rods, masts, steeples and chimneys, and Julius Caesar once saw him on the spears of his soldiers. The impressive effect is caused by an electrical discharge of storm clouds to the ground. The electric field around an object causes ionization of air molecules, which leads to weak luminescence, which is clearly seen in maloosveschennyh conditions. 
St. Elmo's fire can be seen on the masts of ships during a storm. The sailors reverently refer to this phenomenon, which often happens when the storm began to abate.

Green Ray 
This effect can be seen at the end of the sunset: the sun and really like the green shoots beams. The causes of this illusion are quite complex and are related to the refraction of light, the thickness and curvature of the Earth's atmosphere. Do you have a chance to see this phenomenon, for example, in the French town of Saint-Jean-de-Luz.

Magnetic Hill
on the Isle of Man in the Irish Sea is the so-called Magnetic Hill, where cars come and begin to roll braked up! Local people are talking seriously, that is the work of the "little narodtsem" pushing a car uphill.
A similar hill called the Electric Brae is in the south-west Scotland, in Ayrshire. Along the route A719 for motorists passing over the hill, put special characters and even a massive stone pyramid, on which is carved warning of anomalous phenomena

"Wandering Lights"
"Wandering Lights" - a phenomenon in which light appears at night, mainly in swampy ground or in cemeteries. There are several hypotheses of the mysterious lights. This self-ignition of gaseous hydrogen phosphide formed upon decay of dead plant and animal organisms, or bioluminescence, such as honey or fireflies. Newer versions explaining the origin of bog fires - the fallout, the light of the highways and cellular towers.
In many cultures, such lights were considered harbingers of disaster, or evil spirits that lure travelers to the swamp. Mysterious balls of light known as a lake Paasselka in Finland: according to local folklore, these lights indicate places where treasures are hidden.

Pargely - an effect that can be seen around the sun. It looks as bright spots or "mock sun", located on both sides of the star. This phenomenon may last for hours. Previously, it saw a frightening portent. However, it is only ice crystals, creating the air perspective. Do you have a great chance to see the sun dog on a flat horizon of Timbuktu in Mali.