Contacts with aliens - fiction or reality?
The aliens (as well as unidentified flying objects), excite the imagination of people for many centuries. Topic of extraterrestrial civilizations - a favorite theme of science fiction writers. But in real life, humanity is faced with aliens often enough. Of course, some part of the eyewitness testimony - this is fiction, but some - the truth. Our compilation confirms contact with aliens is photography. All very amazing! 1. Pensioner Martha Yegorovna from Petrozavodsk, Russia, argues that two years was holding in my fridge dead alien. The woman turned into a branch of the Academy of Sciences in Petrozavodsk, a statement that two years ago in her garden of crashed UFOs. After hearing a terrible roar, in the yard, the woman ran from the house and found a mangled heap in the yard of hot metal - the remains of the aircraft - and the body of a humanoid.

2.The length of an unknown creature about 60 centimeters, his huge head, bulging eyes, and seemingly un like a cross between man and fish. Martha told Yegorovna authorities that the substance was a spacesuit. The dead body is wrapped in polythene and kept the two years in a refrigerator before even a word about the incident make a bad break. Experts suspect that all this could be some huge hoax and a forgery, but do not dismiss the possibility that all information provided by the pensioner is true, and we have to deal with the body of this alien.
3. In April 2011 two men claimed they found the body of the alien creatures in the snow in Siberia. They argued that the body was damaged when a nearby Irkutsk aircraft crashed alien origin. In the end, "alien" was made of bread crumbs, covered with chicken skin.
4. In 1995, Ray Santilli claimed that he had a UFO crash video, so-called "Roswell incident" that occurred in 1947, and subsequent autopsy footage alien. Only in 2006, Santilli admitted that the film - a fake, or what he called "reconstruction of events that might occur."
5. In February 2004, something strange was found in the garden of a house Dyurhema. His landlady called the police to find something resembling a fetus curled in the grass of its own garden. The police summoned a surgeon, coroners and specialists in the paranormal. In the end, "something" was a toy shop of horrors.
6. Mummies Fairy Nari Pon stored in the temple of Wat Phrapangmuni Temple, near Shin Buri, north of Bangkok, Thailand. The bodies of two unknown creatures are kept in a glass Cancer, located in the building of the temple. Believers claim that it is - the body of fairies, creatures from Buddhist mythology. In one myth tells of a magical tree that yielded fruit instead of a tiny female creatures. possessing magical powers.
7. Speaking of fairies. In 1917, two young girls after a long game in the garden back home with convincing evidence of the existence of the so-called "small narodtsem" - photos. Only in the late 1970s, it was found that the so-called 'Cottingley photographs "were false, when one of the most girls, now located in a very advanced age Elsie Wright admitted that their" little people "was only a cardboard cut out figurines.
8. Not a bad joke that occurred on April 1, 2007. This "body fairies" was created by designer Dan Baines from London who specializes in the manufacture of optical illusions. The rising clamor convinced many that the "body" of the real. Later, the artist admitted to his authorship, and the fake was sold on eBay for the amount of approximately 300 pounds.
9. Now, before you "montauksky monster" - and not identified by scientists animal, whose body washed ashore on a beach near Montauk, New York, USA, in July 2008. The discovery has generated a lot of fantastic theories about what kind of establishment, present or whether it is another fake. The two most common theories contradict each other. One says that the creature - a skillful forgery made of latex. Proponents of the second theory insists that the creature - a raccoon-mutant.
10. October 20, 1967 Roger Patterson and Robert Gimlin reported that they managed to shoot the film a female Bigfoot - Bigfoot. Only many years later, Bob Heyronimus, a friend of Patterson, admitted that in fact on the controversial film - he dressed in costume.
11. Matthew Whitton and Rick Dyer of California, August 15, 2008 were reported. that, during his guided tour around the state of Georgia, they came upon the dead body of Bigfoot, Yeti. Later, Bloch found that the creature - a fake, with artificial fur, the head of a papier-mache and rubber feet.
12."A terrible dwarf", which is videotaped teenagers, assuring that the creature walking through the streets of the city of Salta, located in Argentina. Later, because of conflicting images and camera angles filming, photography was considered a hoax.
13. Illustration, which depicted the detection of "Cardiff Giant," a stone statue of a man ten feet, that is, more than 3.5 meters tall, found at the farmer's field by William S. Newell in Cardiff, New York, October 16, 1869. Later admitted the authorship of the statue George Hall, also said that buried it on the previous year.
14. Giant skeleton, which, according to the newspaper "New Nation" (Bangladesh), was found in Saudi Arabia in 2004. It later emerged that this photo was a fake, created with an editor photoshop and filed in a photo contest that was held site

15. In February 2010, a mysterious green glow radiating object captured photographers hovering above the mill in Nofolke. Pyatidesyatisemiletny photographer Peter Ray made this photograph during the shooting for the calendar, which he held close to mill Downham Market's Denver mill. He admitted that he had not even noticed the strange object during a shooting and found it was only later, when looking through the photos ready. It was then, according to him, the sky above the mill showed a mysterious object that emits eerie greenish glow. He assures me that it was a UFO.
16. A mysterious stain turquoise glow in the sky over Norway. It caused a lot of the most improbable theories, including that it was a military rocket, launched in a test flight. Photographed the strange phenomenon of a local resident Jan Peter Jorgensen, returning from work in a factory for processing salmon.
17. The giant pyramid, presumably - an unidentified flying object - in the sky over the Kremlin, Russia. Idle tongues immediately speculated that it was an alien spacecraft.
18. This image, photographed Space Observatory Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (Soho), spacecraft, located at a distance million miles from Earth and the Sun dedicated to the study, it was immediately announced proof of the existence of extraterrestrials. NASA has denied all the theory, stating that this is just defect image caused by the malfunction of the camera, but supporters of the assumptions about the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations, sure - in the image space alien craft.
19. In October 2009 the crater in Latvia, though a pothole caused by a meteorite, was just a hoax. The experts who went to the area Mazsalaca, received information that an object resembling a meteor hit the ground. However, conducting the necessary studies, they concluded that the indentation depth of about three meters and a width of about ten meters, has been created by artificial means. Later, a Latvian company Tele2 has admitted that the idea of ​​drawing and its embodiment - it is their handiwork. "Jokers" sought to diversify somewhat sad news with constant reports about the economic crisis.
20. Well, of course without the Loch Ness monster, Nessie old lady! That's it - the so-called "surgeon's photo". Its author, a London doctor Robert Kenneth Wilson, claimed that filmed the monster by accident when traveling around, watching the birds. Only in 1994 it became clear that the picture actually captures children's toy submarine, equipped with the same toy snake head.
21. Crop circles - is the term for drawings in the form of rings, circles and other geometric figures formed by the margin polegshimi plants. Despite the huge number of supporters of the theory of extraterrestrial origin of this phenomenon, many of them were later created artificially. For example, here are these, to create a hand that Doug Bower, Dave Chorley and John Lundberg. According to them, the first pattern they did in 1978, inspired by photographs of the tracks left by the wheat fields on farm equipment. In 1992 they received for their skilful forgery alternative Nobel Prize - Ignobelevskuyu prize.
22. Pencil drawing depicting a spaceship alien who creates the crop circles, as proponents claim about the alien origin of this phenomenon. The figure is from the National Archives.
23. This is a gigantic image of an alien smoking a pipe, appeared in a wheat field in Cherhille, Wiltshire. Supporters of the theory of the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations claim that an alien as two drops like a character from the movie 2Sekretnye materials "and is a symbol of harmony and peace between earthlings and representatives of the cosmic mind. There is also speculation that the picture tube was added later as a joke.
24. Broken wind generator in the territory of the farm in Koninsholme, Linkolshir. Local residents claim that they saw a bright light in the sky before the failure of the generator and now argue that the failure of the device involved an alien spacecraft.
25. And this picture, embodying in the sky a mysterious object that was made in Tinstene Province Hopeh, China, back in 1942. Several people in the photograph indicate the strange sight.
26. In September 1957, this photo was taken in test pilot from nearby military bases aerovozdushnoy Edwards Air Force Base in California. It seems that for the B-47 aircraft is an unidentified flying object.
27. Photo taken "Apollo 11" in 1969. The most interesting is that the mysterious object in this picture, written by Neil Armstrong, and has not been reliably identified.
28. Hundreds of people have seen this object is illuminated with bright lights flying low over the relatively Levittauna residential neighborhoods, Puerto Rico, in 1980. A police officer Jose Cordero took about ten shots of the mysterious phenomena of his Polaroid
29. Photo of mysterious lights was made ​​by a police officer close to the highway I-84 near Waterbury, Conn., May 26, 1987. The appearance of a mysterious glow caused multiple accidents on the road - drivers, distracted, lost control of vehicles.