Dead Frost

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Dead Frost
Boring parade of Santa Clauses have received this year in Mogilev and the weather is not a fountain, 
and in general. Well, now you'll understand yourself. 
 Rejoice taxpayer! your militia protects you! near everything was even more dismal than from afar.

 agrh! Tigray-snegouborzhik! ololo is the only thing that amused.
 Who is it? Answers in comments.
 hero of the occasion
 and then began a psychological attack. Father Frost and Snow Maiden, Snow Maiden and Santa Claus
 Well lytsaerey all seen it. actually spread this photograph because of the girls in the lower left corner. cap delivers.
 Ah ... the yoke of the first, is that it ...
 grandmothers in headscarves in the role of grandmothers in headscarves
 visualization of traditional ideas: gazelle, a pack of bricks, and three mistresses
 of! taxi back!
 medvedzi drove on velisapedzi! successful over the holidays. mark as expected. take care of yourself, ok?