$ 500 million from the bottom of the Atlantic
U.S. treasure hunters have found at the bottom of the Atlantic sunken treasure, which is estimated at $ 500 million. On this discovery was announced in late May 2007. According to the company Odyssey Marine Exploration, in the holds of the sunken 400 years ago galleon found hundreds of thousands of gold and silver coins weighing 17 tons. Of water have been raised about 500 thousand old coins coinage. Each of them is a great collectible value. No details about the ship carrying the treasure is found, the company said, letting his code-named "Black Swan". One of the owners of the company, Greg Stemmer said that "the place of discovery lies outside the territorial waters of any state and was not under the jurisdiction of any country was". 

Odyssey Marine Exploration is engaged in tracing marine treasures for 13 years. In 2003, she was able to discover the treasure of the 50 thousand coins, sank with the ship "Republic" off the coast of Florida. In this case the company has earned millions of dollars. In January 2007, Odyssey Marine Exploration announced by the Spanish government has won the competition to resume searching for a British ship Sussex. This flagship sunk in Gibraltar during a storm in 1694 is expected on board were about 9 tons of gold. Spain has banned pre-Odyssey Marine Exploration raise the value from the bottom, and look in the Strait of other wrecks. The company categorically denies that the finding has any relevance to Sussex and to Spain in general.
So far, the most successful marine discovery were considered the remains of Spanish galleon Nuestra Senora de Atocha, who died in a hurricane in 1622 off the coast of Florida. A treasure worth $ 400 million found in 1985, Mel Fisher, who is considered a pioneer of legal business to search for sunken treasure.
Experts believe that the lessons from the ocean of coins have been raised on board the merchant ship, shipwrecked 40 miles off the southwestern coast of England in the XVII century. Which country owned the ship, to guess without more information it is impossible: in this part of the Atlantic, sailed hundreds of merchant ships, and treasures to be on board many of them.