Victims of plastic surgery
There is a psychiatric term "dysmorphophobia." In this case, it does not matter your degree of objective beauty - you do not like yourself (in whole or in part), and that's it.Someone is humbled, and someone (in severe cases) is becoming a regular customer of plastic surgeons, because it is never satisfied with the outcome. 
Of course, there are direct indications for surgical correction of appearance - some obvious deformity, age, completeness exorbitant finally . But when in pursuit of perfection is achieved the opposite effect - it is quite another story. Yulia Volkova. There was such a sweet girl with no children, so no, she wanted to become a vamp for a couple decades older, their mutilated quite decent on the nature of the lips and eyebrows. 
 Vildenshteyn Joslin. Catwoman (at least she thinks so). Ostensibly because of the desire always like her husband, millionaire - a great lover of cats, for 12 years was made ​​a lot of operations, turn a woman into a monster, and then (or for what) and her husband still gave up.
 Sergei Zverev. Initially, he had a seemingly good reason for plastics - an accident disfigured his face, but instead to restore their previous appearance, he decided to improve it (in my opinion), has been transformed from an attractive young man effeminate monster.
 Cher. Struggle with age - it is a necessary procedure to be successful in show business, but that somehow too much wrong in 70 years to try to look at the 25. She always loved to plastic surgery - all began with the correct shape of the nose, lips, came to reduce the waist by removing the lower edges of the .... Now Cher once more looks like a transvestite, though, that like and perfect.
Michael Jackson. The problem started with that nice black boy wanted to be white - gave him no rest racial inequality, but nature does not cheat - and he has started a lot of problems with the exterior, with which he unsuccessfully rest of his life and fought long ago turned into a parody of his own made a bad master.
  Valery Leontiev. "Macho" domestic platform is afraid to age. For some reason he thinks his keep healthbars from closing of numerous surgical procedures ever look anyway better than natural.
 Courtney Love. Sprightly pankushka with rejuvenation and decided to buy another big breasts with full lips and a perfect nose. What came out of it - all appreciated ... Fortunately, she was smart enough to return to their former, albeit not very successfully.
 Mickey Rourke. Is known not only as a unique actor, but also a professional boxer. It is this passion has led to numerous plastic surgeries on her face that made from the former pretty boy ... well what happened. He himself believes that the blame for incompetent surgeon.
 Masha Rasputina. According to the sane majority - an example of how a woman should not look, in spite of what is considered sexual. Too much everywhere (chest, lips and cheeks) - a measure of how lost all sense of proportion, and a pretty female creature becomes like an inflatable doll.