Stars without make-up – and don’t they look great!
Most of the time when celebrities are photographed, it's after a team of hairstylists and make-up artists have groomed every inch of them, making them appear flawless. But sometimes we get a snapshot of them bare-faced and the results are, well, a relief. They're not perfect - but we think they still look amazing. Ladies it’s time to ditch the slap and celebrate your natural beauty just like these stars.
Julia Roberts
If we had Julia Roberts' skin, we'd probably leave the make-up at home, too. "Julia is a modern natural beauty with amazing almond eyes that draw you in, and when she smiles it mesmerises everyone," says Chase Aston, international make-up artist at The Body Shop.

Although we wish she'd give the pouting a rest, we admit to being just a tad jealous of Keira's fabulous bone structure. "Keira definitely has the cheekbones and jaw line to pull off the au naturel look." observes Michelle White, creative director at Frontcover Cosmetics. "Combine this with her flawless ivory skin and you can't go wrong. Wearing relatively little or no make-up only emphasises her natural features."
If you're the type of woman who refuses to leave the house without slicking on some lip gloss, the thought of being papped leaving the gym sans make-up is probably enough to bring you out in a cold sweat. Not so for Kim Kardashian, it seems. "With her beautiful olive complexion, Kim is certainly someone that doesn't need layers of foundation," says Michelle at Frontcover Cosmetics. "She has a natural glow that can't be manufactured. She also has the dark lustrous hair and deep hazel eyes to pull off the make-up free look."
"The All-American beauty is rarely seen in layers of make-up," notes Michelle White. "Regularly spotted in just mascara, she shows off her big blue eyes to perfection. With her naturally clear complexion and famous dimples, why not forget the make-up bag?"
"Halle is one of the most stunning naturally beautiful women in the world," says Chase. "She's got a gorgeous glowing caramel-toned complexion, killer cheekbones, doe-like eyes and fabulous full lips!"
Fearne is the kind of rock chick we all love - she's no stranger to late nights but she rarely appears looking less than gorgeous - even without make-up. "Fearne's look is always fresh, girly and sexy - everything about her always looks good and on-trend," says Chase Aston.
The new Mrs Craig has never been one for heavy make-up, and with such natural good looks, it's easy to see why. "With her bold brows, voluptuous lips and natural yet flawless complexion, Rachel is a natural beauty," says Chase.
Normally, nothing would make us feel more smug than the sight of a bare-faced super model, but when the supermodel in question is Elle Macpherson, we can't help feeling a tad jealous. "Elle always appears fresh, classic and groomed," says Chase Aston.
This picture of Gwyneth is a great example of how having great cheekbones can reduce the need for make-up. "High cheekbones don't just lift the face but provide contouring, too," says Chase Aston at the Body Shop. "Having high cheekbones can help you to look fresh and radiant, while often, those with pudgier faces are more prone to dark circles and shadows."
"Having full lips can reduce the need for make-up," points out Chase Aston. "In this picture, Catherine's full lips help to keep her look fresh - thinner lips can be ageing. Additionally, the fact that Catherine's features are well proportioned - with plenty of space between her eyes and her eyebrows which allows light to flood in, helping to boost radiance and banish dark circles."