Jessie Wallace calls off wedding to Vince Morse
Jessie Wallace calls off wedding to Vince Morse. Jessie Wallace calls off wedding to love cheat Vincent Morse. Heartbroken EastEnders actress Jessie Wallace surrounded herself with close friends and family after calling off her wedding to love cheat Vincent Morse.The 39-year-old pulled the plug on the £300,000 nuptials earlier in the day – just four hours before she was due to tie the knot with the 50-year-old catering manager.Wearing sunglasses, Wallace, who plays Kat in the BBC soap, drew up outside her home in Clayhill, Surrey, in the afternoon supported by her parents, brother and girlfriends.

The wedding at Pembroke Lodge in Richmond, south- west London, had been hanging on a thread since a Sunday newspaper claimed Morse had been sending saucy texts to an ex.

In one of his most bizarre messages he tried to lure Karen Short into bed by sending her an X- rated snap of his bride-to-be.

He also allegedly sent her a message a month ago saying it was over with Wallace. It read: ‘As of a week ago it’s really been off but I’m only just admitting it to myself.’

Wallace refused to be drawn on the day’s events as a stream of deliveries arrived at her four-bedroom house. Among them were the cakes due to be served at her wedding.

The mother-of-one already had two broken engagements before she fell for Morse nine months ago.

Wallace previously said he ‘has got everything I’ve been looking for’.

Source: metro