Famous final concerts.
 Famous final concerts. Before their legendary rooftop performance, the Beatles took the stage one last time 45 years ago on Aug. 29, 1966, and sang their way into history. Check out some other legendary final performances.

 Buddy Holly final concert
The rockabilly innovator performed his final live concert Feb. 9, 1959, the night of his tragic death.
The Beatles final concert
The Fab Four called it quits in April 1970, making this Aug. 29, 1966, concert at Candlestick Park in San Francisco their last paid-concert performance.
 Janis Joplin final concert
The troubled songstress gave her final performance on Aug. 12, 1970, with her Full Tilt Boogie Band. Less than two months later, she was dead.

Jimi Hendrix final concert
The guitarist superstar took the stage Sept. 6, 1970, in Germany for his final performance before his death.
The Supremes final concert
After Diana Ross left in 1970, the threesome kept performing seven more years and gave their final performance on June 12, 1977 , after which one member decided to work on a solo project.
 Elvis Presley final concert
Almost two months before the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll died, Presley performed in front of 17,000 fans on June 26, 1977, for what would be his final concert
Led Zeppelin final concer
The hard-rocking British band performed July 7, 1980, at the end of their European tour, which was their final live performance with all the original members.

Nirvana final concert
One month before frontman Kurt Cobain committed suicide, the Northwest grunge group performed their final live concert March 1, 1994, before European fans.
Tupac Shakur final concert
This West Coast rapper took the stage July 4, 1996, with other artists for a final performance before his death a month late.
The Ramones final concert
After a career spanning three decades, the punk-rock icons performed their final live performance Aug. 6, 1996.
Johnny Cash final concert
This country star performed a small set July 5, 2003, a month after his wife, June Carter Cash, died and two months before his own death.
 Destiny’s Child final concert
This female R&B group parted ways in 2006 at the height of their fame, but reunited Feb. 19, 2006, for the halftime show of the NBA finals.
Michael Jackson final concert
The King of Pop was preparing for a comeback tour just before he died, which left his Nov. 15, 2006, performance at the World Music Awards as his last one in public.