Portrait of stars in the Renaissance style 
A selection of cool fotoeksperimentov over the stars in the Renaissance style.
I was struck not so much the idea, but its embodiment - the person so harmoniously blended film actors in costumes and attributes of the past, that seems hard to believe straight portraits were written just to them. Probably, the choice of the right angle was laborious, because celebrities do not pose for the project, and the rotation of the head and expression of the eyes had to pick one to one.
Dear friends, I beg to love and favor - the modern world-famous sauce, half a century ago.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Emma Watson
Demi Moore
John Malkovich
Angelina Jolie
Brad Pitt
Gary Oldman
George Clooney
Michael Douglas
Bruce Willis
Dustin Hoffman
Christian Bale
Jeff Fahey
Nicolas Cage
Danny DeVito
Johnny Depp
Hugh Laurie
Natalie Portman
Robert De Niro
Julia Roberts
Orlando Bloom
Sharon Stone
Sean Connery

Sylvester Stallone

Anthony Hopkins

Penelope Cruz

Elizaber Taylor