Celebrity clothing lines
Celebrity clothing lines
With the large number of celebrities launching their own clothing lines and perfumes, it must not be enough to be just a star singer or actor these days. Amid the recently announced fashion line from these sister stars, and a soon-to-be-revealed collection from this reality-show trio, we look at some of the hot celebrity enterprises.
Jessica Simpson
This celebrity has dabbled in acting and singing , but her extensive collection of fashion wear (the new line created with her sister) is really making bank
Justin Timberlake
This superstar partnered up with a good buddy to create a line of men's and women's wear, best known for its premium jeans
Miley Cyrus
With a little help from a French fashion mogul, this teen sensation created a collection of affordable and trendy junior apparel, sold at these superstores
The original "Material Girl" crafted a sassy juniors fashion line with her daughter , which is carried exclusively at this major retailer
Victoria Beckham
This former Spice Girl has channeled her distinguished style credentials to create a chic and sophisticated fashion line. Her soccer star husband is no slouch either .
Even though this rap star is serving time , his line of contemporary men's sportswear is still thriving .
Selena Gomez
This teen star caters to a young audience with her budget-conscious collection at this major retailer.
Teaming up with his activist wife , this U2 frontman launched a socially conscious clothing line that encourages trade with Africa .
Gwen Stefani
The trend-setting style of this rocker , with movie star glamour and street influence, is the inspiration for her multifaceted collection

Her line: L.A.M.B.and Harajuku Lovers

What you can buy: Handbags, shoes, pants, shirts and Japanese-inspired gear
Nicole Richie
This TV celeb/mom found success with her women's contemporary clothing line, along with an accessories line and maternity collection.

Her line: Winter Kate and House of Harlow

What you can buy: Dresses, skirts, tops, shoes and sunglasses
This diva's sense of style and her fashion designer mother's vision are behind this hip hop-couture clothing line.

Her line: House of Deréon and Deréon

What you can buy: Shoes, dresses, denim, graphic tees, lingerie, accessories and a girls' line

Sienna Miller
This fashion-forward actress joined up with her big sis to create a clothing line for women, noted for its cool, modern London feel.

Her line: Twenty8Twelve

What you can buy: Dresses, jeans, tops and jackets