The best animal photos of June
Flo the fox
A fox name Flo grabs some meat for her and her cubs at the British Wildlife Center in Newchapel, Surrey, England, on June 5.

Photographic confrontation
A leopard gives wildlife photographer Sergey Kotelnikov a scare when it jumps atop a Land Rover on June 3 for an unplanned close-up shot in the dry lands of Namibia. The Daily Mail explains that after the initial scare, Kotelnikov's expression changed from fright to amazement as the curious young leopard sat down in front of him.
Cooling off in the River Eden
A young man rides bareback on his horse on June 6 as it wades through the cool waters of the River Eden during the annual Appleby Horse Festival in the northwest English county of Cumbria.
The Appleby Horse Fair is a popular annual gathering for Irish Travellers, Scottish Travellers, Gypsies and other nomadic peoples.
Mother and child
A gray langur holds her baby, just 9 days old, at Germany's Hanover Zoo on June 17.

In a few months, the baby's face will gradually turn dark. Gray langurs, which originate in south Asia, exist on a diet of leaves, blossoms and fruits.
Ringing owls
A Palestinian researcher rings a wild owl in the northern West Bank's Jordan Valley on June 5.

The Palestinian Wildlife Society recently installed 250 nesting boxes for barn owls as part of a western-funded project aimed at nurturing the resettlement of the owls in the Jordan Valley.
Hope for a species
Sapo, a pygmy hippo, takes his first dip in his outdoor pool at the Whipsnade Zoo in Dunstable, Bedfordshire, England, on June 7.

The 3-month-old calf is important for the worldwide conservation of this endangered species because of the increasing loss of their natural habitat as a result of logging and agricultural development.
Heidi's new home
Heidi, the oppossum who became a worldwide sensation for her quirky crossed eyes, is transported by crate to a larger enclosure within Germany's Leipzig Zoo on June 9.
Ostrich babies
Two newly hatched ostrich chicks walk around their enclosure as a mature female ostrich grazes at the zoo in Berlin.

It is not clear which of the three female adult ostriches is the mother of the chicks.
Bull riding at the Reno Rodeo
Keith Roquemore of Cottonwood, Calif., is bucked off a bull called Animal Crackers at the Reno Rodeo on June 17 in Nevada.

With the highest rate of injury among rodeo sports, bull riding is often called "the most dangerous eight seconds in sports."

Coming in for a landing
A white egret prepares to land on the bank of the Liuyang River near Donting Lake in the northeastern Hunan province of China.

The region attracts a great number of wading birds to the water bodies every spring and summer.