Jesse James Simply Says “Men Cheat”

Jesse James has something to say to the media and millions of others who scrutinized his life when his dirty laundry was hung out to dry.

“I cheated on my wife,” James recently told Men Journal. “Guess what? Millions of other men cheat.”

James had been married to actress Sandra Bullock when he began his illicit affair with model Michele “Bombshell” McGee. Although he initially expressed interest in trying to repair the damage to his marriage, Bullock continued to file the divorce preceding. Bullock would later learn that it was not the first affair James had been involved in during their marriage. The actress tried to remain civil, but later cut all unnecessary ties with her former husband.

He would later go on to admit that he had never given 100% in a relationship, until romance blossomed between himself and tattoo artist Kat Von D.

“She was the only one there for me,” James said. “I really love her.”