Celebrity Superstitions
Someone knocks on wood, someone carries a elven ears, and someone abstains from sex. In extravagant stars no less extravagant superstition.
 1. Actress Cate Blanchett carries with him a special mascot for good luck - elf ears, left her after the filming of the trilogy "Lord of the Rings."
 2. Contrary to all superstitions, Christian Bale picked up the habit to pass under all encountered on his way stairs.

 3. Paris Hilton is a firm believer that if you knock on wood, nothing bad will happen, and that desire will come true, if you think of it in 11:11.

4. The first person James McAvoy meets on the first day of each month, he said "white rabbit" for good luck. This tradition gave him my grandmother.
5. During his career, basketball player Michael Jordan took the habit of always wearing pants UNC, to maintain the success and fortune.

 6. Tiger Woods wears a red shirt on Sunday tournaments to seem more aggressive. This is particularly important in a sport where confidence - that's all.
7. Following old traditions, Rain Wilson is trying not to remember the name of Macbeth in the theater.
8. The famous tennis player Bjorn Borg never shaved during the Wimbledon tournament ... and won five tournaments from 1976 to 1980.