Celebrity children
Parents everywhere get a lot of advice from those around them. But the children of the famous are under even more scrutiny, their every move examined by photographers and the public. Here's an update on some of the best-known children of celebrities.
Ever Imre

His singer mom and rapper dad are first-time parents who tweeted the first picture of their son, who was born Dec. 25, 2010.

The superstar parents of baby Flynn, born Jan. 6, are an A-list movie actor and a supermodel. The first-time parents married in July.
Hank IV

Little Hank was born in December 2009. His proud parents are a former Playboy Playmate and an NFL wide receiver.
Johan Samuel

His model mom and singer dad have two older children and one younger. The eldest has a different biological dad, but what does her mom say about that?

This Oscar-winning actor and his wife have four kids. Isabella has a brand-new little sister.

This adorable 4-year-old gets her good looks from her actress mom and her actor dad. She's also known for her keen fashion sense. Check out pictures of her siblings.
Baby Louie

The mom and dad of this baby split up within months of him coming home, but he still got a spectacular welcome. Where was he born?

Her actress mom waited until she was in her 40s to have this charming 2-year-old with her former model beau. One of the things they like doing together?

This former "Simple Life" star and her musical fiancé have a darling daughter, who has been joined by a little brother. Will their parents tie the knot?

The actress mother of this 4-year-old converted to her father's religion when they married. Will she and her mom join a musical TV show?

His model mother and his actor father named their young son after a key figure in the Bible. Here are some family pictures.
Cruz, Brooklyn and Romeo

A footballer and a singer-turned-style maven's three young sons take after their dad. The eldest has already signed his first fashion deal.

This top actress and this top singer are parents to a young girl, who has been joined by a younger brother. Their mom reveals some of their favorite reads.

The mom and dad of this 4-year-old met on a movie set and became engaged. Though her father has departed, she has her godfather.
Hazel and Phinnaeus

The twins are well traveled, considering that they go on location with their actress mom. Their cinematographer dad and their younger brother join them.