Angelina gets hands-on with a panda
Gaga smells something odd & more LOL pics.
For this photo of Angelina Jolie getting handsy with her panda co-star, we asked our Facebook fans to come up with a caption. The winning submission came from Rebekah Moses, who offered this: "I will adopt whatever comes out of here!" Thanks, Rebekah!

Mel Gibson to Jodie Foster: "That's weird, Jodie. From the looks of the crowd, you'd think they're not happy to see me. I need to put my glasses on, because that totally can't be the case..."
Lady Gaga takes a moment to catch a whiff of herself. "Yep! Smells weird. Everything is in order."
Doing nothing to dispel the rumors that The Situation is illiterate...
Kim Kardashian takes a break from a busy day of posing with a sip of her favorite beverage: dollar bills, ground to dust and shaken with spring water. Tastes green!
The female cast of "Jersey Shore" hits Florence, Italy, and it's just like the "Sex and the City" movie, only minus the glamour, the taste and any sense of sophistication. Oh, and the camera lens is smeared with grime. But yeah, basically just the same.
Per Angelina Jolie's instructions, Brad Pitt must leave one shirt button undone at all times, just so she can gaze upon his chest whenever the mood strikes.
Making faces like this, Jessie J gave herself away as a graduate of the Nicki Minaj School of Modeling.
If pictures like this keep turning up, then we're forced to decide whether Michelle Rodriguez is the poor man's version of Paz de la Huerta or whether Paz de la Huerta is the poor man's version of Michelle Rodriguez.
He may have the build for it, but Mario Lopez just isn't quite "Real Housewives of New Jersey" material.
La Toya Jackson flashes a reminder that she is the fifth-born Jackson child. You know, in case you were wondering what the crazy lady was doing at the fancy Hollywood party.
Oh no! Watch out, paparazzi, because Tom Arnold will snap a picture of you with the invisible camera. Also protecting Tom are invisible body guards hired by the invisible movie studio that's producing his invisible, upcoming blockbuster.
It may be the off season for the cast of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," but that doesn't mean that star Kim Richards can't stay in top form by continuously looking hysterical.
This photo hangs in a fancy frame in "The Office" star Angela Kinsey's home, because it's the only one where she will ever look less goofy than model Brooklyn Decker.
Corey Feldman incorrectly believes that sunglasses and bizarre, dramatic hand movements will distract the world from the wrongness happening on his head.