Top world cities
Top world cities
If you're making travel plans, consider visiting some of these global hotspots and less-visited geographical gems, ranked at the top by Bing. Check out the full list.

Houston, the fourth-largest city in the nation , is home to the Astros, the Rockets and a NASA hub, so it's no wonder the town touts an out-of-this-world nickname.

Singapore, the Malay Peninsula city-state is a multicultural metropolis that also goes by a kingly moniker.
Orlando, Fla.
Tourists flock to this sunny central Florida city  for dolphins and Disney, but what was Orlando's former claim to fame?
France's capital city has captured hearts around the world, thanks to must-see attractions for history buffs, foodies, art lovers and fashion fans.
The capital of Sweden is a financial and cultural hub as well as the seat of royalty.
Savannah, Ga.
The Georgia seaport of Savannah boasts a nickname that exudes as much charm as its most affable resident.
Don't wait too long to visit Venice -- it's sinking! Once every two years, the art world flocks to this northern Italian city . What's the main attraction? That event draws film fanatics, too -- find out why.
Austin, Texas
The capital city of the Lone Star State offers thrills for live music fans, football tailgaters and foodies.
Santa Barbara, Calif.
Santa Barbara, home of the Gauchos, stretches from the beach to the mountains, with plenty of California history in between.
The ancient Italian city of Rome houses some of the grandest historical structures -- from an ages-old amphitheater to one of the world's most famous fountains
Vancouver, B.C.
The British Columbia city of Vancouver has a new feather in its cap: What is its impressive title? This Canadian metropolis offers snow-capped mountains, sandy beaches and one of the continent's largest urban parks.