Inspirational Facebook stories
Inspirational Facebook stories
With millions of users , the largest social networking site, Facebook, is great for connecting with friends, planning parties and staying in touch. But some people, such as a Michigan man who found an organ donor through the site, have had their lives touched in profound ways.

Man gets kidney donation
After being told it would take five years on a waiting list for 35-year-old Jeff Kurze to receive a new kidney, his wife, Roxy, went to Facebook for help. In a desperate post, she wished for a kidney donor to fall out of the sky and what she got was a living donor from one of her “friends.”
Woman finds organ donor
After Sarah Taylor experienced renal failure  she was on the kidney transplant waiting list for over a year. But after a simple Facebook post with a request for help, she received over 100 responses. She didn’t need to look far; the donor lived only two blocks away
Woman finds long lost dad
John Watson spent decades trying to find his daughter. Suffering from PTSD after this war, he reportedly walked out on his family almost 40 years earlier. After 20 years of searching, he found his daughter, Danielle Petratos, on the social networking site.
Estranged family reconnected
Kidnapped at 1 year old, Ethel Frederickson spent 40 years apart from a family she didn’t know. After finding her birth certificate, she searched for her birth parents’ names on Facebook and turned up her long lost kin
Abducted son reunited with mother
In 1982, Gavin Paros’s father kidnapped him and fled to a European country. Avril Grube spent 27 years searching for her son, even contacting the country’s prime minister. But it was a Facebook name search that reconnected them in 2009.
Daughter reunites with parents
Lindsey Martin wanted to find the parents who put her up for adoption 20 years ago. Just so happens, those parents, Rafael and Leona Vega, were also trying to find her. Through Facebook, Martin was able to connect with her biological brother, who broke the news to his mom.