Celebrities under 30
They haven't even hit the big 3-0, yet their names are infamous and their paychecks are large. Some of them are considered spoiled, while others are sweethearts. Here's a look at the rich and famous under 30.

As the reigning hip-hop diva, with a fashion line and a long list of endorsers, BeyoncĂ© earns enough to make this list with her hubby. How much did he earn last year.
In 2009, King James earned a staggering amount. Agents, managers and the public held their breath this summer as the sought-after free agent decided which team he'd play for.
The country darling  has been a top-selling artist since 2008, and her paycheck proves it.  At this year's VMAs, she gave a special shout-out to one notorious rapper.
Dakota Fanning has had a long, lucrative career already. At age 13, she was earning quite a bit per film. What was her most recent movie.
Disney kids make a bit less. Still, Selena Gomez earns a pretty penny per episode of her hit show "Wizards of Waverly Place.
The pay for young Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe, steadily rose to $25 million per film. He earned much less for the first one.
Disney didn't splurge on Miley Cyrus for the show that made her famous. One of her films broke a record.
Thanks to famous parents, Jack is sitting pretty when it comes to cash. He got his feet wet in the music biz at an early age and made for good reality TV.
Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson had big salaries for the first "Twilight" and even bigger salaries for the sequel. 
Things were fun and games on "The Simple Life" (how much did she earn per episode?), and she's no stranger to off-screen addictions and arrests. Fast-forwarding to the present, she spends more time at playgrounds  than nightclubs and has traded manacles for bracelets . Who is her famous father?
The young-looking actor enjoyed time on a short-lived but beloved TV show before launching into a movie career. His latest film? He's earned a lot by banking on his charm, but some claim he's this.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt's star is climbing with this summer's blockbuster. He got his start on TV and with a coming-of-age movie. More proof he's becoming a big shot in Hollywood? He got to host this coveted show.