Celebrities LOL Pics for March 9
Katy Perry's brain is so focused on songcraft that she has to write reminders about which fan she should hug and which fan she should use to cool herself off.

Do you think it's possible that success is giving Taylor Swift a big head

 Check out goddess Natalie Kenly next to tiger blood-chugging Charlie Sheen. That face translates as "You think you're tired of hearing about this guy? I live with him.

 New Dancing with the Stars partners Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Kirstie Alley have a ways to go before they get their bodies in sync.

 The caption for this photo of Holly Madison has been supplied by our Facebook fan Sabrina: "INTRODUCING... the new breast implants! They are safer than silicone, sweeter than saline. And if you decide they are too big, all you have to do is eat a couple of cups until you are satisfied with the size.
 With this display of grace and poise, "Jersey Shore" star Deena Nicole Cortese reminds us that if anything ever happens to Snooki we already have a suitable replacement lined up.
 What with Prince Andrew's wedding around the corner, royal stepmom Camilla Parker-Bowles just doesn't get the respect she used to.
 Ty Burrell thinks he's having a cupcake-eating race with Sofia Vergara, but he's actually just there to make her look cute, even when she's scarfing pastries. Shrewd move, Vergara.
 Lil Jon says, "This guy is hilarious! ... Who's he supposed to be
 Be glad a photographer documented the moment when Mel B received a text about how much her former Spice Girls bandmate Victoria Beckham makes in a year.
 Sure, playing a cereal mascot may be a step down from TV work, but Melissa Joan Hart is just happy to be working again.
 Shenae Grimes, star of "90210," uses her time on stage to show that she has range: She may play a high school student, but she's also really good at being a cat.